Peppermints handed out by a young man (18) in a café turn out to be ecstasy pills

A man (18) from Halsteren was arrested on Friday night because he handed out ‘peppermints’ in a café in Bergen op Zoom, which later turned out to be ecstasy pills. The police seized the box containing the 55 pills.

The security of the café in the center of Bergen op Zoom was alerted by two women. The visitors said that a boy offered them a peppermint, but suspected that it was an ecstasy pill.

The security guard approached the boy and took a box with 55 ‘peppermints’. Police arrested the man around 4:30 am. The mints were tested at the police station and it turned out to be ecstasy pills.

The boy spent the night in jail and will be interrogated on Saturday. The women have testified.