People in the Jinek audience suddenly start dancing: ‘Insane’ | show

Three people from the audience of the RTL 4 talk show Jinek suddenly started dancing through the studio and on the table on Friday evening live on the broadcast. It turned out to be a surprise from comedian Peter Pannekoek.

The unannounced appearance happened during a conversation about Peter’s new program Why don’t we go more often?, in which he shares his love for the theatre, including by moving scenes from the stage to the ‘real world’. That is exactly what presenter Eva Jinek was waiting for.

,,How often do you go to dance?” Peter asked her. ,,I think it was years ago”, Jinek started, but during her answer music started, a man started to sing and she could no longer be understood. Three people had stood up on the outer bench in the audience and began to dance on the bench. Soon they were moving around the studio and a woman was dancing on the table in front of Eva.

Eva Jinek was surprised by the dancers. © RTL

He was somewhat surprised, but was probably aware of the ‘robbery’. After all, she laughed more than she seemed shocked, while her program was suddenly taken over. She was also fine with Pannekoek taking her script off the table so the dancer wouldn’t slip.

“Insane! Guys, crazy! Totally awesome,” she exclaimed after the performance. “You want that every night, don’t you?” The artists turned out to be members of De Dansers from Utrecht, a collective of dancers and musicians. The choreography comes from their performance Hush.

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