Annoyed, Pekka Pouta presents the disappointing fish package on Twitter.

    Favorite meteorologist Pekka Pouta share With their Twitter account his Midsummer thoughts at the dinner table. Even when the sun is shining, one thing flattens the mood. In front of it, Pouda has a package of cold smoked salmon slices in the store.

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    – Midsummer annoyance, Pouta begins.

    A meteorologist expresses his irritability at a poorly cut fish. The salmon is in one piece instead of slices.

    – Here I have tried to detach. These have not been cut.

    Pouta reaches out to swear words when presenting a fish product to the camera.

    – Where does this slice of Satan come from? You should try that, and damn expensive stuff.

    Next, the meteorologist looks directly at the camera. The tone of speech becomes more and more irritated.

    – I’m not saying brand because you all do the same thing. I have watched all of these. Some have been cut through after all, but those slices don’t come off.

    – People of engineers, now try to do something sensible, Pouta concludes angrily.

    Pekka Pouta is diligently updating his Twitter account. Kaisa Vehkalahti

    Poudan’s Followers have welcomed the release with humor and compassion. Many have similar bad experiences with finished fish.

    – Every Midsummer has pondered the same thing and nothing changes, but you can’t.

    – Let go of the whole piece, it goes to the stomach, but one tip.

    – After opening the package, turn the whole portion of fish upside down, after which the slices come off nicely, another advises.

    Many also suggest that in the future a meteorologist prepare and cut his own fish.