Pedro Henrique Barbosa Alves shoots Hoogeveen to a very expensive victory in injury time

It took almost 31 minutes after coming on as a substitute before Pedro Henrique Barbosa was finally able to print Alves for a very expensive win over Hoogeveen. On their own field, the Drenthe third division player seemed to be heading for 0-0.

Until Barbosa Alves hit with the left in injury time for the 1-0 in the battle against competitor Eemdijk. The shirt came off and the Brazilian waved the blue of Hoogeveen with a long sprint in front of the main stand as if a grand prize had been won. The next four minutes of injury time were tough for the home team, but they eventually won against another low-flyer at the fourth level of Dutch football.

After the final whistle from referee Van der Vaart, the footballing globetrotter, ten (European) clubs in the last seven seasons, was once again the center of attention. The Hoogeveen youth in particular almost supported the cheerful Barbosa Alves on both shoulders. “I promised you goals. Now you see”, he loudly crowed the victory.

Expressions of praise

Striker Emil Bijlsma quickly received a helping hand amid all the praise for the Brazilian. “Isn’t it nice,” said the footballer who lives in the city of Groningen. “He is a sweet boy who wants so much. He deserved this.” For a moment it seemed that Bijlsma would give the home team the lead in the first half.

However, according to the assistant referee, the attacker shot in the rebound of a shot by Noah Schuurman in an offside position. So that party was canceled. “Was it offside?”, Bijlsma wondered out loud afterwards. ,,Does not matter. This victory feels so good.” The attacker, who was in full swing against Eemdijk, will continue to drive back and forth from the largest city in the north to Hoogeveen at least three times a week for at least another year. “It is so much more fun playing football in the third division than one step lower. Nicer clubs and often more spectators, although that is sometimes disappointing for us.”

The fan who dropped out of FC Emmen two years ago will do anything to keep Hoogeveen in the third division. “It’s such a beautiful game. This is a nice club and I knew the previous coach Nico Haak and some guys. So after FC Emmen I really wanted to go here. It can be tough at times, but it is worth something to me to play at this level.”

Attractive duel

Hoogeveen and Eemdijk played an extremely attractive match that seemed to be heading towards an equal final score. The Hoogeveners were the dominant party for tea. After the break, the guests attacked harder and there were perilous moments for both goals. After Barbosa Alves replaced striker Kamphuis after an hour of football, nothing was still certain.

However, in the first minute of extra time, defender Jeroah Balubun served the Brazilian appropriately. This left the Eemdijk goalkeeper without a chance: 1-0. Even coach Stef Lamberink was somewhat taken aback afterwards by the late, but oh so welcome goal and the accompanying three points. “Based on the first half, the win would have been deserved. But after the break they had some good chances, I thought; it won’t anyway. Fortunately, Alves Barbosa took advantage of his greatest opportunity, after having already shown a few less good things. I am very happy with this win.”

Hoogeveen-Eemdijk 1-0

Score progression : 90. Barbosa Alves 1-0
Yellow card: Schuurman, Vijfhuizen, Menno Heerkes, Balubun, Barbosa Alves (Hoogeveen), Hilterman, Van Dalen (Eemdijk)
Referee: Van der Vaart
Spectators: 250.
Hoogeveen: Meekhof; Schuurman, Vijfhuizen, Blekkink and Balubun; Tom Heerkes, Klaassens, Menno Heerkes (76. Beltau); and Veltmaat (90. Tomas da Silva); Bijlsma and Kamphuis (60. Barbosa Alves).