Pave Maijanen’s memorial work was announced – This is what it looks like

Pave Maijanen’s memorial work is located in the musician’s hometown, Lappeenranta.

The musician who died in January 2021 Pave Maijanen a memorial work has been made in his honor. The work in question was announced today, October 12, in Lappeenranta, which is the artist’s hometown.

The memorial piece is in the shape of a guitar, because it was Maijanen’s main instrument. According to the city of Lappeenranta, the work is meant to depict a guitar case. The sculpture is green in color, and it lies on a thick stone base. There is a memorial inscription on the side of the piece.

Lights are installed under the work, which emphasize its shape in the evenings. The work is lit so that it looks a little different in the dark.

On the side of the commemorative piece is an inscription in honor of Pave Maijanen. The city of Lappeenranta

Maijanen died on January 16, 2021. The cause of death was a rapidly progressing ALS disease, the first symptoms of which began in the artist in the fall of 2018. The musician was 70 years old when he died.

The artist’s most famous own songs include, among others Take care of, would you go, Jano Hunger of life and Tedious.

During his career, Maijanen worked as a singer, songwriter, bassist, keyboard player, drummer, guitarist and producer. In addition to his solo career, he is known especially for Royals, Rock’n’Roll Band and Pepe & Paradise, as well as keyboardist-producer for Dingo and Hurriganes.

In 2012, Maijasen was awarded the Iskelmä-Finlandia award and just before his death he was awarded the lifetime achievement award at the SuomiRock gala.

The musician was missed not only by fans and friends Alice-wife and two grown-up children.

Pave Maijanen was 70 years old when he died. Minna Raitavuo