80-year-old Paul McCartney made history last Saturday. The British singer was the oldest headliner ever at the British Glastonbury festival. The set of the former Beatles singer did not disappoint. For example, McCartney not only sang a virtual duet with the late John Lennon. The world famous artist also had two more special guests brought with him.

    Paul McCartney was on Saturday on the so-called Pyramid Stage of the British festival Glastonbury. The British singer’s turn came after Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. “It feels so good to be here. Actually, we should have been here three years ago,” said the singer. McCartney’s set list consisted of 33 songs in total. After that, the singer played another five additional songs. 22 of the 38 songs were also Beatles songs. With the number I’ve Got a Feeling the artist already provided a goosebumps moment. It was a virtual duet with his late Beatles colleague John Lennon. ,,I know it’s virtual, but here I am again singing with John. We are together again.”

    Special guests

    During his performance, McCartney was also joined by two other big names: Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen. For Grohl, it was his first appearance since the death of his Foo Fighters colleague Taylor Hawkins. According to some observant fans, Dave Grohl had meanwhile had a tattoo as a tribute to his recently deceased colleague. For example, a large ‘T’ was visible on the back of Grohl’s right hand.

    In addition, Paul McCartney also showed a video of Johnny Depp during his performance. At one point the clip of Paul’s song was My Valentine on the screen behind him. In the clip, Depp can be seen together with Natalie Portman. The two actors use their own version of sign language in the music video to interpret the lyrics of the song. It is not the first time that the American actor can be seen during a performance of the singer. Earlier this year, McCartney projected some images of Edward Scissorhands, one of Depp’s most famous characters, during his tour. According to the British website Metro UK, Paul McCartney has been using the images in question for several years now.

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