Paul de Leeuw’s villa still for sale: ‘Buyers want to demolish it’

Paul de Leeuw’s capital villa in the wealthy village of Blaricum is still for sale. As yet, no one is willing to pay 3 million euros for it. “They want to demolish it!”


It took Gordon no less than eight years (!) to sell his villa in Blaricum. He finally succeeded two and a half years ago, although it is not known whether he received the asking price of 2.9 million euros. Now it is Paul de Leeuw’s turn: he also wants to leave Blaricum and even wants 3 million euros for his villa.

3 million euros

Paul’s villa is a hit on Funda, but not among potential buyers. “I saw your house was for sale. Is it gone yet?” Harry Mens asks him in the much-discussed episode of Business Class in which the interviewer behaves very strangely.

Paul then: “No, we are busy.”

Harry: “You’re not asking too much, I think.”

Paul: “Oh, well, maybe you can make an offer.”

Harry: “Still under 3 million and then on the Bierweg. A bargain!”

‘And through!’

Paul finds it uncomfortable to talk about his unprecedented wealth. “By means of! And through! No, we are busy.”

Harry: “I hear people who want to buy it to demolish and then build a new house.”

Paul: “You hear that. There was even someone who said, ‘I don’t need to see the whole inside. I’ll put it down immediately.’ That didn’t matter to me, but in the end the man didn’t do it. I like that, because it is quite a nice house.”

Look around

Harry thinks that Paul shouldn’t make a fuss about that. “Just look around when they start demolishing it. Then it is no different.”

Paul: “Yes, but then you can never say to your children again: ‘You once lived here.’ Or that the children say: ‘We once lived there.’”

Gordon is now once again struggling with unsaleable real estate. He wants to get rid of his penthouse in Amsterdam. That is also for sale for 3 million euros. Well, he suddenly took it off Funda in the summer. Does the entertainer remigrate to the Netherlands?