Paul de Leeuw is being chased by the juice channel Juice Channel. He has blocked the channel after a teasing comment about a white substance under his nose.

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    There are few old people who post all kinds of selfies of themselves online all day long, but Paul de Leeuw (60) is one of them. Yesterday he posted a rather unfavorable photo with a white substance under his nose. When you think of celebrities, you quickly think of cocaine, but in the specific case of Paul, powdered sugar is more plausible. Or sunscreen of course.

    coke joke

    Paul placed the photo with a thank you for the viewers of his TV flop Busje Komt Zo and an announcement of his theater show. Because of that white substance, Juice Channel made a coke joke: “Very nice that announcement Paul de Leeuw, but our eye falls on something else. “

    Apparently Paul doesn’t really appreciate such a joke. A few hours later Juice Channel reported: “Paul de Leeuw blocked us after our previous story, too bad Paul now we still don’t have the final result for our quiz. “

    ‘Is sunscreen!’

    The Juice Channel has asked its followers what they think Paul has under his nose: powdered sugar, sunscreen or cocaine.

    Most people think sunscreen (44 percent), followed by powdered sugar (38 percent) and cocaine (26 percent) in third place.


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