Petra Gargano says she needs more mercy in her life.

    Petra Gargano says she is a perfectionist. Jussi Eskola

    Tiktaksinger Petra Gargano, who popped up on the band, talks about the pressures she experienced on her Instagram account. Gargano says he found “his own mirror image and his own feelings” difficult.

    – You have to be gracious to yourself – I got a reminder again today. There are days when you don’t like your own body, your own ideas, thoughts and feelings.

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    Gargano has two children with her musician husband: a daughter born in December 2020 Leona and a son born in 2013 Noel. The older child eased the pressure of the mother’s appearance with her sweet comment.

    – However, my eight-year-old got all the negative feelings about himself to pop like a balloon, saying in the fitting room of the clothing store: mother black you look really nice in all those clothes.

    In addition to her singing career, Gargano works at the gym as a personal trainer. Jussi Eskola

    Gargano states at the end of the caption that he needs more mercy in his life.

    – Only I look through these eyes, no one else sees the same as me. Only I am so harsh on myself. Only I treat myself badly, I don’t like to melt anyone else….

    In an interview with Iltalehti in May, Gargano said his family had made him a better person.

    – I have become more relaxed and I have a nicer company. I used to be a perfectionist and a control freak. Now I accept things as they come and be able to enjoy it when they succeed, Petra said in an interview.

    Gargano has released his own music and has been seen in the Life Only program, among other things. In addition to her singing career, she works as a personal trainer.

    Petra Gargano talks about how to combine a musician’s career with family life.