Patty Brard reveals secret of top-fit ​​body: ‘A League every day’

Patty Brard was so shocked that SBS executives once called her too fat that she immediately ran to the surgeon for a stomach reduction. How does she keep herself in top shape? “A League every day.”


Her work in showbiz, where you are judged harshly on your appearance, at one point prompted Patty Brard to work for a gastric bypass to go. She now has a stomach that can just fit the crusts of a slice of tiger bread. So you will never be able to enjoy a nice meal again, but hey, at least her body is now TV-proof.

Patty in shape

What does Patty do to keep her slim body in shape? “It’s hard work and I have to give up a lot,” she says in the Beau Monde. “I often walk the dogs and go to the gym twice a week to exercise shape to stay. I also eat a very small portion every two hours with lots of protein and little fat.”

What do Patty’s meals look like? “I often have a little oatmeal with linseed and some fruit in the morning. I then drink matcha tea with coconut milk. In the afternoon I eat half a sandwich with two boiled eggs.”

League every day

Now on to the afternoon: what exactly does Patty put in her mouth? “As a snack I treat myself to a League and in the evening I try to get a little bit of everything and have an ice cream for dessert. It’s not really sensational, is it? But I feel better about myself than ever.”

Liga biscuits are mainly eaten by children. The most popular are the milkbreak cookies, which have a milk layer on them. Many children break off the hard, dry cookie edges just to eat the milk layer. It is not clear how Patty prefers to eat her League cookies. The Beau Monde interviewer doesn’t ask about that either.

Seventy years

Anyway: after 375 Liga cookies, Patty will already be seventy years old. How is she going to celebrate? “It will be an eventful year for me. I’m almost 69 and at 70 we really want to make it big in March 2025. The year is already completely booked with fun things about which I can’t say anything yet.”

“Lots of nice big things, because ‘you wanna go out with a bang’, right? There’s no way I’m going to disappear quietly. I won’t quit work completely, but I will definitely take it easier. Enjoying my house in Ibiza and time with my daughter. There is nothing more important than that.”