Patty Brard receives support after intense review: ‘What a huge snob’

Patty Brard receives support from journalists after a quite intense review in the Volkskrant. The reviewer on duty is said to be a terrible snob. “He doesn’t watch pauper shit!”


It must be unbelievable for the acclaimed Patty Brard that the national newspapers write such bad reviews about the drama series about her life. Especially a lady from de Volkskrant was really terribly negative. How does that happen? “A disclaimer is immediately appropriate,” Herien Wensink herself explained.

Add an asterisk

Reviewer Herien emphasizes that she knows Patty by name, but has absolutely never followed her. “This reviewer knows little about Patty Brard, and even less about celebrities, juice and showbiz. That knowledge is not crucial when watching the drama series Patty, but it is a tasty bonus for insiders.”

She continues in her disclaimer: “Did you enjoy watching Patty’s posse? Did you enjoy seeing Brard undergo an enema (Patty’s Fort, 2005) or slap her face in a swimming pool (Jumping Stars, 2012)? Then the series will certainly be a feast for recognition – just add one star when rating it.”

Too intellectual

AD columnist Kitty Herweijer is feeling nauseous, she says X. “VK reviewer just wants to let it be known that she is too intellectual for low-brow culture. Strange, the Britneys and Victorias were recently praised as feminist icons avant la lettre in the quality newspapers, but our own derailed popular divas should be taken to task again.”

According to her, that series about Patty is fine. “Strangely enough, Patty only gets mediocre reviews, here again two stars. There are quite a few things to criticize about the series here and there, but I’m enjoying it so far.”

Haute Snobbery

JA21 co-founder Annabel Nanninga agrees with Kitty. “The disclaimer in the first paragraph betrays the reviewer’s Haute Snobbery.”

Kitty then: “It is unbearable.”

AD media journalist Marcus den Blanken: “I completely agree. It seems as if you are not allowed to approve this in the Netherlands. I much prefer Patty to those high-flown things that get five stars.”


Writer Johan Fretz is also a bit confused. How does he read Herien’s disclaimer? “It actually says: ‘I don’t watch Patty Brard’s pauper shit, never have, but if you are such an ordinary, stupid, asshole TV viewer, then you can add a star to your rating.’”

He thinks that that Volkskrant lady should review something different next time. “If you’re not at all interested in what you’re reviewing, don’t review it.”