Patty Brard lashes out remarkably hard at colleague Airen Mylene

Patty Brard lashes out remarkably hard at Airen Mylene, one of her colleagues at Shownieuws. It looks like we won’t be seeing the ladies together at the desk for a while.

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It’s no secret that not all Shownieuws stars get along with each other. For example, Evert Santegoeds refuses to share a studio with Guido den Aantrekker. Last year: “A horrible man. I think it’s bad enough that we’re together in a plastic bag in one of those magazine packages. Yes, it is nice for him, because then his news stays fresh longer.”

Without bra

The planners of Shownieuws could just get even more difficult, because the chance that we ever see Airen Mylene and Patty Brard together in one room has now also been drastically reduced. Patty is unusually hard on her Shownieuws colleague, with whom she was last seen on TV a month ago.

Airen has told a rather interesting anecdote on Radio 538, namely about how she prefers not to wear a bra and also went to her physiotherapist without a bra. It is a bit strange, because until recently Airen was mainly known as someone who can read the autocue very well, but who does not get much out of it.

Patty lashes out

Apparently Patty thinks Airen’s anecdote is a cry for attention. The presenter lashes out mercilessly under it Instagram snippet of this anecdote, which was jointly posted by Airen and her employer Radio 538. She already posted her response last weekend, but it is only now being noticed by Juice Channel.

She bluntly sneered: “But really seriously… Towel over it and nothing to worry about… What a stupid attention-grabbing brawl!”

It really is very unusual to accuse a colleague of ‘stupid attention-seeking brat’. “It will be fun at the table at Shownieuws”, someone else notes.

Excuse email

Where does this come from? According to Yvonne Coldeweijer, a disagreement has arisen behind the scenes of Shownieuws about the fact that Airen has spoken out about a heated incident during a party of the program.

Yvonne in her podcast The Juice Show: “A spy at Shownieuws says that Shownieuws is not happy about that at all and they have all become a bit angry with her. And then she sent an apology email to everyone.”

It is also a bit strange of Airen, Yvonne thinks. “It was kind of like, Airen, what happened? I thought: the best girl in the class who always wants to get the A’s is suddenly too juice about her colleagues. I think: huh?!”

“What’s with her?”

And right after that came that bra anecdote. Yvonne: “What happened to her? Why?”

Co-host Mark Koster: “Well, exactly. Anyway, she was a newsreader in that Frank Dane program, but has now become a sidekick. Then you have to deliver something. And that’s what we heard.”

Yvonne: “She must not let herself be dragged along by the sharks in this world. So when Frank Dane says: ‘We have to score. If you want to sit in this place, you have to come with juice’, then you have to think carefully about in what sense you really want that, Airen, because it is not really youI think.”


The conscious fragment that Patty reacts to so fiercely: