Patty Brard emotional, cries on television: ‘This is really terrible’

Patty Brard has been emotionally touched during her performance on the TV show Koffietijd. She was surprised there with a video message from her daughter Priscilla Nasi. “This is terrible.”


Patty Brard and her daughter Priscilla Nasi have been at odds with each other for a long time, but since three years everything has been peaceful again. They were reunited at the time in Evert Santegoeds’ apartment and restored their mother-daughter relationship there. “My daughter works at Animal Shelter Amsterdam,” says Patty now Coffee time.


Patty likes that Priscilla works there. “First a volunteer and now she has a permanent job. In addition, we also make a jewelry line with the two of us and it is so much fun to work with your daughter. I love it and you also have a nice excuse to say: ‘We have a meeting!’ Well, she must come! haha.”

How is their contact going? “In the beginning we thought we had to make up for the time we haven’t been together. That was oppressive to Priscilla. I just wanted to be a mother again, but of course she was ten years older. She had also built her own life during that time, so I had to learn to let go and she had to get used to a busybody in her life, of course. haha.”

Video message

It’s good for Patty that they’re talking again. “I just received an app from: ‘Good luck at Koffietijd mama, I love you. Are we going to do something fun this week?’ Then I think: one app a day and then I will be the happiest woman in the Netherlands. I am really so happy with her.”

Presenter Quinty Trustfull then comes with a surprise. “Not just an app, because we also have a surprise for you.”

Patty: “Oh no, don’t make me cry again!”

Patty in tears

Priscilla then says in a video message: “I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you, that you are doing so well. From Shownieuws to your make-up line, to Kruidvat and our jewelery line. You do it all! And you can be very proud of that. I love you very very much.”

It produces a crying Patty. Loretta Schrijver: “Ah, you are touched. Yes, that sweet girl!”

Patty: “Yeah, this is really awful. My makeup! They are also tears of joy. So nice that she just works and that she puts her shoulders under it, that she can use her creativity. The love for those beasts we have in common. That you can get so close to it.”


The Emotional Patty: