Patty Brard also thinks Sophie Hilbrand makes her want to puke: ‘Bleghhh!’

Patty Brard finds not only Jeroen Pauw, but also Sophie Hilbrand to puke. For that reason she declined an invitation from Sophie & Jeroen. “Bleghh, so nasty!”

© Annemieke van der Togt, BNNVARA

We have known since two weeks ago that Patty Brard never wants to sit at the same table with Jeroen Pauw again, because she thinks he is an inhumane person. The TV diva is currently on a media tour because of the drama series made about her life, but there is one invitation that she immediately declined, namely that of the talk show Sophie & Jeroen.

Vomit sound

Patty went on the talk show last night Van Roosmalen & Groenteman again unleashed on Jeroen. “I canceled Jeroen & Sophie for you. If you are my age, you can still choose and Jeroen Pauw was once very rude at the table. Then I thought: hey, I’m not going.”

She continues: “He is actually really nasty, and Sophie is too sometimes… They all act so neat and they all drool over Boulevard and Shownieuws, but… (makes a vomiting sound, ed.): bleghhh!”

‘Do you know her?’

What does she blame Jeroen for so much? “I was once with Jeroen Pauw and at that time I had no contact with my daughter and then he posted a very large photo of my daughter behind me that I did not see. Then he said, ‘Look behind you. Do you know that woman?'”

She continues: “So I look unsuspecting and saw a picture of my daughter, which really saddened me, and then he said, ‘That’s your daughter. Or should I introduce you?’”


Host Gijs Groenteman is shocked. “Did it really happen that way?”

Patty: “That really happened that way.”

Gijs: “How unpleasant.”

Patty: “That is not only unpleasant, but that is someone who always has all kinds of things to say about showbiz news and so on, while they are all no better!”