Patrick Mahomes takes on new role

In recent years, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have become the team in the NFL that needs to be beaten on the way to the title. During this time, the dislike of the organization gradually increased, which did not go unnoticed by the two-time Super Bowl winner.

Since Mahomes came into the league in 2017, the Chiefs have reached the Super Bowl four times. Andy Reid’s team has gradually overtaken the New England Patriots as NFL dominants. However, the success did not only bring positive effects.

Kansas City is now one of the teams that receive the most hate because of their triumph. Before the upcoming SB duel with the San Francisco 49ers, Mahomes admitted that he could “clearly feel” this antipathy.

“It’s gotten a little weird. I know the Patriots had that for a while. I hope we do it in a different way with a little more fun and personality,” the quarterback explained in the “ESPN” interview.

Mahomes will continue to use a respectful tone. “But as long as you’re winning, teams start to dislike you and I want to keep winning,” affirmed the five-time Pro Bowler, who tries “not to be a bad role model, but I can be the villain for them if they need that”.

NFL: Chiefs tackle doesn’t understand excitement

On Monday, Mahomes’ teammate Chris Jones revealed that he couldn’t understand why the NFL community turned against the Kansas City franchise so quickly.

“We used to be one of the most popular teams. Now everyone says, ‘We hope the Chiefs lose.’ “What’s changed that makes everyone feel like we should lose now?” the defensive tackle asked on Super Bowl opening night.

Especially since fans seem to have forgotten that the Chiefs have only won the NFL Finals twice in the last five years. “The problem is that we haven’t won as much as people think. We only have two [Super Bowls] won,” emphasized Jones.