Patricia Paay will limp for the rest of her life: ‘Pity’

74-year-old Patricia Paay will limp for the rest of her life. She lives with quite a few medical inconveniences and is therefore not thinking about a return to TV. “Shame.”


Patricia Paay was a major television star for many years and was part of well-watched TV shows such as Holland’s Got Talent and Sterren Dansen op het IJs, but after the leak of an intimate video, everything actually collapsed. The 74-year-old showbiz star now leads a secluded life with her husband Robbert Hinfelaar, who is 39 years her junior.

Forever lame

A return to television? Patricia is no longer looking forward to that, she says in the Story. “I no longer feel the need to be in the spotlight. I love living in the shelter, no worries on my mind. Showbiz is also very different now: loud and everything is played to the man. I can’t get used to that.”

Patricia’s health problems don’t help either. She has been struggling with serious hip problems for years. “That will never go away. I walk with a limp, which I find very annoying. I always liked to walk in heels.”

Great emptiness

How are things going with Patricia privately? Good considering the circumstances, although she misses her deceased parents very much. “The loss of my parents leaves such a void. Robbert misses them too. He got along very well with my parents.”

Although Patricia’s boyfriend could have been her child in terms of age – grandchild even – Robbert was good with her parents. “My father always looked at Robbert with admiration and said: ‘What a handsome man, isn’t he?’ Then I replied, ‘Yes, I’m not blind.’”


Patricia recorded a video last week to encourage Gordon: