Patricia Paay evil genius behind alleged Patty Brard dirt?

It is starting to look more and more like Patricia Paay is the celebrity who wants to explode the alleged juice bomb about Patty Brard. Does she have incriminating information about the SBS 6 star?


There seems to be a big scandal about Patty Brard. According to juice hyena Yvonne Coldeweijer, she did something to a celebrity and the panther diva knows exactly what it is about. Patty herself ignores that juice and according to Evert Santegoeds she simply does not know what it is about. Her former TV buddy Gordon has nothing to do with it, says Yvonne.

Don’t piss on it

Yvonne does not want to say much about it, but she seems to leak that it has something to do with Patricia Paay. “I’ll be honest: I’m not going to piss over it”, she responds in her podcast.

Co-host Mark Koster then bursts out laughing: “I’m not going to get over it p… Hahahaha.”

Yvonne: “Hehehehahaha. Well, on. And through!”

Mark: “Well, let’s see, do you have Nadia’s new show… Hahahaha.”

Yvonne: “Hahahahaha.”

Mark: “We have an editor here who is completely folded now. He really likes it.”

Patricia a spy?

It seems obvious why Mark and Yvonne are screeching like this. ‘I’m not going to piss over it’ is of course interpreted by everyone as a reference to Patricia Paay, who had a special relationship with Manneke Pis in the past.

What incriminating information could Patricia have about Patty? The ladies have a very turbulent past. One of their last quarrels was that Patty has said in the media that she occasionally gets ‘grocery money’ from Gordon, but that is ‘bullsh*t’ according to Patricia. Patty responded again: “It will have to do with pride.”

Yellow images

It is more likely that the alleged juice bomb about Patty has something to do with the infamous yellow statues on which Patricia appears. Years ago, a spicy video with Patricia leaked and it was eagerly forwarded by Patty. “Yes, I did forward it – who didn’t anyway? – but certainly not the first.”

Patricia was furious about that. “Yes, I understand through-via that this seems to be because Patricia thinks that I was the first to distribute her infamous pissing video. That’s why she’s mad at me now. But that is not the case at all.”

Patty denies

So Patty has denied. “Why would I want to make her black? I’ve known her all my life. She used to come to our house often, because there was always something to eat and drink. If I didn’t open it, she would just climb over the fence.”

According to Patty, they made peace at Gordon’s party, where they talked about artificial hips, breast implants, television directors, schnabbels, Angela de Jong and high heels.

Peace and quiet or good looks? After all these years, has Patricia perhaps found conclusive evidence? Who knows, maybe we’ll find out soon Life of Yvonne.