Partygoers are lucky: the weather is radiant on the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Whoever is going to celebrate the Eleventh of the Eleventh this Saturday will be lucky. It’s great weather to have a party, says Johnny Willemsen from Weerplaza on Saturday morning in the radio program ‘Weekend’ on Omroep Brabant.

A large part of the Netherlands experienced heavy showers on Saturday morning, but in the south this was not so bad, according to Johnny. “There were a few showers in the northeast of the province, but the rest of the province was just dry and sunny.”

We will keep this weather for the rest of the day. “An occasional shower cannot be ruled out, but the main point is: dry weather with some sun.” A moderate wind is blowing from the west. “It’s about 10 degrees in the afternoon.”

“It gets pretty cold at night.”

We will have broad clear skies during the night leading up to Sunday. “It will be quite cold. The temperature will be around freezing, about one degree. On the ground it can freeze a degree. It can also become misty, some fog at the end of the night.”

The sun will soon break through on Sunday during the morning. “It will also be dry for a large part of the day. In the course of the afternoon it will become cloudy and at the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening a little bit of rain may fall. 8 degrees, with little wind.”


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