Participants of a tuning car rally in Parets del Vallès attack a local police car

Participants of a concentration of ‘tuning’ vehicles in Parets del Vallès attacked a local police car this Sunday morning that he intended to dissolve the concentration, according to ‘El Caso’ and police sources confirmed to ACN.

The events occurred at half past one in the morning when the police received a notice alerting about a group of people spinning cars in the Can Volart industrial park of the population. Two police patrols traveled to the point. Upon arrival they found some 800 people and 200 cars. Part of the concentrates went to the police vehicles, They surrounded them and climbed into the first one, hitting it with several objects and breaking the windshield..

Three Mossos vehicles

Local Police sources have explained to ACN that the agents have acted expertly, moving the vehicle slowly to move away from the scene so as not to injure any of the attackers, and waiting for reinforcements from the Mossos d’Esquadra to arrive. Finally, three Mossos vehicles have joined the two from the Local Police and have managed to dissolve the concentration.

Despite the violence of the attackers, there have been no injuries neither by the concentrates nor the agents. It is not the first time there is large concentrations in polygons of the municipality, a common practice every weekend in Vallèsbut if the most violent recorded until now, according to local police sources.

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On this occasion, the force has taken images and is waiting to determine if some of the gatherings or vehicles that were at the scene can be identified. In Parets, there are active devices every weekend, with police reinforcements night and night to avoid these types of encounters in none of the six polygons in the municipality.

In other cases in which there has been evidence of the arrival of cars, systems have been set up to close access to unauthorized vehicles and have also been established alcohol and drug tests.