Parliamentary groups have great concerns about the future of VDL Nedcar | 1Limburg

SP, PvdA and CDA in the Limburg Parliament are very concerned about the question of whether the VDL Nedcar car factory in Born will succeed in finding enough new clients in time.

They should replace BMW. That brand will no longer have cars made at VDL Nedcar after 2023.

Any deal
The three parties are responding to reports that more time is needed for a possible deal with American electric vehicle maker Rivian.

“We are very concerned about the realization of the stated ambition to find sufficient new clients in time, no later than November 2023, in order to maintain the employment of the thousands of employees and their families. They have been in uncertainty for a year and a half,” said the parties in written questions to the provincial government.

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Promised plan
They therefore want to know the status of the promised integrated plan of various governments for the further development of VDL Nedcar. “What have VDL Nedcar, the provincial government and the central government done so far and what are they going to do to speed up the process of finding new clients”, say the parties of SP, PvdA and CDA.

They also wonder whether there is a plan B in case it becomes difficult to find new clients and there is a threat of mass redundancy. If there is not, it must be done in the short term, say the three groups in the Limburg Parliament.