Paris Hilton opens up about her decision to use a surrogate

Paris Hilton, who recently had her first child, reveals in her reality series why she ended up using a surrogate.

Paris Hilton photographed in Los Angeles on November 16. CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock/AOP

American socialite Paris Hilton opens the new season of her reality series about her experiences as a new mother.

Paris In Love – in the first episode of the 2nd season of the series, 43-year-old Hilton tells how and why she ended up using a surrogate to have her now 10-month-old Phoenix Barron -his son.

According to Hilton, Surrogacy was a difficult decision.

– I would have loved to experience it when the baby grows in the stomach and you can feel its movements, he said.

– But my life has just been so public, he added.

– So even though the baby is biologically mine and (my spouse’s), we decided to let a surrogate carry our child.

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Spouse for support

Hilton’s husband Carter Rheum agreed with Hilton’s concerns about the pressures brought by publicity when talking about his family’s future plans.

– We want our family to be able to grow normally, Reum said.

– We have to think about our safety.

According to Reum, you have to approach the public in a different way with children than before.

– I don’t think we know everything that the journey will bring. But we’ll figure it out as we go along, he mused.

If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

New era

Hilton recently spoke to the US For People magazine about the new season of her reality TV series and said that she is looking forward to her fans seeing the star in a new phase of her life as a wife and mother.

– You get to experience a really in-depth look at my life and what a fun mother I am and how much love I have to give, Hilton beamed.

– This season is also a really healing experience, he added.

Hilton said that becoming a mother marks the best period of her life, which she wants to share with other people as well.

– I’m excited that people can take a peek inside everything that’s happening in my life right now. I am looking forward to start the era of motherhood, she said.

You can watch the Paris In Love reality series in Finland on the C More streaming service.

Paris Hilton on the red carpet in November 2020. Backgrid