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The new season of The masked singer started immediately on Friday evening with a striking revelation. The entire guessing panel, larger than ever in this series, was wrong about who was in the Dragonfly costume. “Nobody expected this.” Please note: this article contains spoilers.

The group of twenty participating celebrities was immediately cut in the first episode: at the end of the show, two characters had to reveal which celebrity was hiding behind their colorful suit. Among them was the Libelle, which, together with the Druiventross, received the fewest votes from the studio audience.

Monica Geuze, this season new to the panel, knew for sure after the performance which woman was behind the enormous eyes of the Dragonfly. The vase in the character’s hint video reminded her of reality star Jaimie Vaes. When the Libelle also confirmed that she recently exposed herself a little, Monica was out. After all, Vaes was naked this year in the Playboy.

The rest of the panel was less certain and threw around names. The Dragonfly went on a journey in her clue video. Was it professional traveler Floortje Dessing? The insect’s suitcase had a sticker with the name ‘royal airlines’ on it. Did this refer to a member of the royal family, such as Eloise of Orange? Or to a royal watcher, such as Sandra Schuurhof? De Libelle also said she was sporty, was she top skater Jutta Leerdam?

The entire panel is wrong

Panel member Buddy Vedder ultimately bet his money on Leonie ter Braak, who used to travel a lot as a model and sometimes took off her clothes. Loretta Schrijver went along, while Gerard Joling, Carlo Boszhard and Monica Geuze chose Jaimie Vaes. They were all wrong.

De Libelle played sports in her video because the celebrity also likes to do sports, especially CrossFit. And every year she runs the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, to which the water bottle with the number four in her video referred. The animal sang karaoke because the celebrity also likes to do karaoke in real life. But those hints won’t get you very far.

Well, with the opening words of the Libelle: “Good evening, Netherlands.” Typical something a (former) newsreader would say. The vase did not refer to a surname, but to the antiques program Priceless. The wanderlust indicated the programs for which the celebrity has to travel, such as Dream house wanted. The ‘royal airlines’ sticker had to do with the fact that the celebrity presented several programs around the royal family, such as the registration of King’s Day.

The suit included former NOS anchor and now Omroep Max star Dionne Stax (38). The panel didn’t know what it saw. “My goodness,” was all Carlo could say. “This is fantastic. No one expected this.” The presenter, who is not necessarily known for being outgoing, thought it was a great adventure. “I really enjoyed it, it was way too short.”

The Dragonfly in The Masked Singer was Dionne Stax. © RTL

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