Pamela Tola’s baby was born – Got to work with mom!

Pamela Tola’s fourth child got to work with her mother.

Pamela Tola directed the documentary about the musician Alma. Antti Nikkanen

Also known as an actress Pamela Tola directed which will premiere on March 15 Alma Life Must Be Beautiful – a documentary film.

Tola was, of course, present at the film’s invited guest evening.

– Work and family life go well together, Tola said on the red carpet.

Tola has just had her fourth child. Tola hasn’t talked much about her pregnancy, but at the end of August she confirmed to MTV3 that she is expecting a baby.

It turned out on the red carpet that the baby has already been with his mother at work.

– Pamela’s baby was hanging out with us yesterday, and we did a challenge together, Alma said at the premiere.

The documentary itself was originally intended to be a YouTube clip, but it became a full-fledged film.

Alma himself had 15 hours of material filmed in advance. Tola says that she didn’t even have in mind to make an artistic documentary, and it was a big surprise when Alma approached her. Tola wanted to see Alma and his materials.

– After seeing Alma for five minutes, I thought that there is something extraordinary about him. After a short conversation, I realized that we have similar starting points in life. It is important to be able to relate in some way, Tola says.

Alma grabbed Pamela Tola in her arms. Antti Nikkanen

According to Alma, one thing that unites them is similar, broken, family backgrounds

– A certain kind of insecurity with both, for example, having had to take care of their parents as a child, Tola says.

Tola has previously said that her mother died when Tola was 13 years old. The alcoholic father had already died earlier.

Alma’s parents, on the other hand, are sick, and Alma tells in the documentary how in childhood she was protected by her twin sister, not so much by her parents.

– I was able to reflect on my own life. It could have gone really bad for me, the starting points were so bad. It is interesting how, for example, Alma has been able to build such a career from such starting points, says Tola.

Alma thanks Tola for how he understands this, and has not tried to make a sob story or a success story.

– A person can be broken and happy and successful at the same time, summarizes Tola.

Alma – Life Must Be Beautiful premieres on March 15.

Alma interviewed Behm on the red carpet of the Emma gala. Jani Korpela