Pablo Iglesias encourages the Podemos bases to reject the coalition with Sumar and asks for the vote for the BNG

One day after Sumar revealed the preliminary agreement to participate in a coalition with Podemos and Esquerda Unida in the Galician elections on February 18, the former organic leader and reference of the purples, Pablo Iglesiaslaunched through an editorial in his media outlet, Canal Red, a message against this pact, asking the purple bases to reject it, not appear in the elections and demand the vote for the BNG.

Iglesias’ position shows the rejection that the Ione Belarra leadership maintains towards Sumar, which crystallized on the 5th with the announcement of the five Podemos deputies from the Sumar ranks in Congress heading to the mixed group. They failed to fulfill the commitment signed in their electoral agreement to go hand in hand in the general elections of 23-J.

The Canal Red editorial alleges the attempt to bury Podemos to ask the bases, who vote between today and tomorrow, to overthrow the electoral pre-agreement with Sumar. “Not only is the name of Podemos completely erased from the candidacy and the head of the list – Marta Lois – is again imposed without establishing any debate or decision mechanism for this, but this time it is not even offered to the purple ones. “no position that could have acceptable chances of being elected on February 18,” the text reads.

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The pre-agreement reserves for Adding the heads of the list from Pontevedra and A Coruña – for which Marta Lois is running -, the provinces where she has the best chance of achieving representation, according to sources from Yolanda Díaz’s organization. According to polls, this will not exceed two seats.

Podemos achieves number 2 in A Coruña, 1 in Lugo, 3 in Ourense and 4 in Pontevedra, as well as an allocation of 46,000 euros in case the coalition achieves one or two representatives.