Özcan Deniz and her boyfriend Samar Dadgar went on their honeymoon

Özcan Deniz, who started to fall in love with Iranian fashion designer Samar Dadgar during the divorce process with Feyza Aktan, revealed her love a while ago.


Özcan Deniz shared a photo for the first time with his girlfriend, who came to listen to him in Cyprus, where he took the stage in the new year. He put a heart and flower emoji in the frames where his lover hugged him.

The Iranian fashion designer also featured pictures with the actor on his Instagram account on January 2, and received more than 30 thousand likes from his followers.


It was claimed that Kadriye Özcan left the house she lived with Özcan Deniz when she could not control her son, whom she did not want to be with Iranian fashion designer Samar Dadgar.

Seren Serengil, in the live broadcast of ‘If I Don’t Tell’, of which she is the commentator, stated that the mother Deniz, who does not want her son to be upset again after the eventful divorce with his ex-wife Feyza Aktan, said, “I do not consent” for this union.


Özcan Deniz was at a restaurant in Nişantaşı with her Iranian designer lover Samar Dadgar. The duo, who went to the inside of the place and sat on a table away from the eyes, caught the lenses of the members of the press at the exit.

The artist, who responded to his family, who allegedly broke up with his young lover arm in arm and pose, preferred to leave the questions of the press unanswered.

There has been a new development on the famous couple’s side, whose happy relationship continues. Dadgar presented his pleasant moments with his lover Özcan Deniz to his followers.


The Iranian designer, who dropped the note “Welcome as a gift” to his share, also used the heart and solitaire emoji. This sharing of 26-year-old Dadgar brought to mind the question “Are they getting married?”

Özcan Deniz went on vacation to Cappadocia with her lover Samar Dadgar. The couple, who allegedly went on their honeymoon before marriage, took lots of photos at the hotel where they stayed.

Samar Dadgar, who actively uses social media, frequently shared the pictures he took with his lover Özcan Deniz with his followers. Having fun at the hotel, the duo visited Asmalı Konak, starring Özcan Deniz, the mansion where it was filmed.