Özcan Akyol is not awake from angry Marc-Marie Huijbregts

Özcan Akyol is not awake that he has ended up in a showbiz quarrel with Marc-Marie Huijbregts. It is part of the work he does, says the presenter of Sterren op het Doek.


Marc-Marie Huijbregts unleashed a spicy showbiz quarrel with Özcan Akyol in April by saying in his podcast that the writer is not a nice man at all. Özcan is said to have acted very badly at a party to Marc-Marie’s good friend Isa Hoes and she recently confirmed this.

Özcan responds

Marc-Marie’s revelation cost him dearly, because Özcan went on the attack at Today Inside. The comedian was portrayed in the program as a talentless ignoramus. Not much later, Marc-Marie hit back by teasing Özcan with his “dead eyes.” All in all not very pleasant.

Fortunately, Özcan doesn’t lose sleep over it, he says in conversation with the LINDA. “The fact that I don’t lose sleep over that is rather resignation. That kind of conflict is nothing new to me, I always argue with people. My life is one big conflict.”


It’s just part of it, explains Özcan. “I’m trying to live an exciting and compelling life, and if you’re going to sit on a television show or write a piece, you shouldn’t do it to befriend everyone.”

He continues: “Ninety percent of people swallow their opinions for fear of arguing or not being considered unsympathetic. I do not have that. That is inherent to my work, otherwise you are interchangeable. If I don’t push the limits, they’d better ask someone else.”

brave bits

Özcan doesn’t want to be friends with everyone. “Anyone can write brave pieces. And that applies to any performance. You have to do your best, stand out.”

You don’t necessarily have to berate people for that, concludes Özcan. “It can also be done by cheering people on. I have also placed writers such as Lévi Weemoedt and Lex Kroon on a pedestal, so that book sales increased enormously.”