Overwhelmed Germans give a funny interview

It was one of many German gold medals in the ice track. But for Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi, victory in the two-man bobsleigh was still incredible, as became clear in a very entertaining interview immediately afterwards.

With her victory in the two-man sled, Laura Nolte made bobsleigh history several times over: Not only was she crowned the youngest gold medalist, she also led a historic double victory ahead of Mariama Jamanka.

“I still don’t understand it, the award ceremony is over, the medal is hanging here – but I don’t check it,” said Deborah Levi from Winterberg, who is also Nolte’s best friend away from the ice channel, had a similar experience: “I can do it at all don’t get it.”

Just how happy the two athletes were about their victory was shown in an entertaining interview immediately after the race. You see the video here or above in the text.

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