Oven fondue is an easy cheese treat

Who can resist processed cheese? Few of us can.

Oven fondue is a really easy and delicious oven dish. RONI LETHI

Next week, the winter vacation starts for many schoolchildren, and a little older too.

Chef Risto Mikkola hopes that then families would have time to sit at the same table to eat. This fact, which was self-evident a few decades ago, is becoming increasingly rare.

– What’s nicer than making an extremely easy oven fondue, sitting down at the table and chatting with the family while eating good food. We don’t just fill our bellies, but really focus on the other diners as well, Mikkola encourages.

Of course, you can also sit at the table with friends. Oven fondue is social eating where you dip bread into melted and stretchy cheese. Everyone can have their own cheese pan in front of them, or you can melt the cheeses in one big pan.

The different pieces of cheese in the cupboard get a new life in the oven fondue. It doesn’t matter what cheeses you melt. Oltermanns, brie, blue cheeses and even cream cheese are suitable for the pan. Roni Lehti

Several cheeses have been added to the recipe, but according to Mikkola, the cheeses rotating in the fridge work great. As long as you don’t put mozzarella di buffala in the pan. Namely, when it melts, it releases liquid.

– Emmentals and gruyères are great for heating. After all, they also make a good glaze for dishes. Blue and white cheese can also be included. This is nice food, because almost anything goes, Mikkola laughs.

Cheese fondue has been known in Switzerland for centuries and is considered the national dish of Switzerland. Almost everything you can find in the cupboard is suitable for dipping into the cheese fondue pot. Bread is the most popular, but for dipping, for example, large capers, marinated olives, mushrooms are suitable. In addition, different vegetables (cauliflower, carrot) give a good variety to the food.

Another Swiss cheese delicacy, raclette, is combined in Mikkola’s instant fondue. In it, the cheese is melted in the raclette grill on the table and poured over the potatoes, pickles, jam onions and mini corn on the plate. According to Mikkola, a fresh salad also works well with cheese.

The better the food, the more comfortable it is to sit at the table.

The cheese can be flavored with, for example, rosemary or chili. Roni Lehti

Oven fondue

100 g brie

100 g of Emmental

100 g of mozzarella

100 g of blue cheese

50 g Parmesan

50 g Manchego

12 cherry tomatoes in halves

1 pot of basil

1 sourdough bread, sliced

1. Cut the cheeses into large pieces. Put the cheeses in a cast iron pan. Add the halved tomatoes. Roast in a 180-degree oven for 12 min.

2. Add basil leaves on top and serve with sourdough bread.

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