Outfits with winter and summer leggings: the combinations

Ptrousers or socks? Elegant or sporty? Chic or shock? Without a doubt, controversial. THE leggings they are among the most discussed items. Evergreen, especially in their primeval form in black cotton, are stationed in our wardrobes. And they appear in the outfit without hesitation in case of market, gym, weekend. In all others, doubts prevail.

How to wear leggings at 50: five outfits to copy

In Spring-Summer 2024 the classics leggings they enter the good graces of stylists, who even take them on the catwalk, from Miu Miu to The Row. And in return, they are preparing to leave the ground and our closets, dusted off on many different occasions. In short, it will be a year of comfort: but How can we resolve the thorny issue of elegance? Here they are definitive tips to follow to wear with taste i leggings in every seasonfrom Winter to Summer.

Outfit with leggings 2024: what to wear over them?

The first question everyone asks. To solve it with class, you need to keep the main rule in mind: cover your hips, whether prominent or minute, especially based on the level of heaviness of the fabric. Between shirts to put with the leggingsto depending on the climate and the task of use, one t-shirts basic, one White shirt masculine with an oversized cut or a soft and long pullover/turtleneck.

The combination that wins by contrast at Spring: blazer and leggings, which together make a splash, like all opposites. In the range of coats and of jacketsthe trends indicate the leather bomber jacket with a lived-in look. A extra long coatwhich covers the lower part of the body, lengthens the figure and makes the “bandaged” legs more harmonious.

Leggings and shoes, the best combinations

The range of boots it is perfect for enhancing leggings in Autumn, Winter and Spring. The combo that runs for style? The outfit with leggings and riding boots, always chic, to be varied with biker boots. A separate discussion applies to i cuissardes: this type of boots seems to have been created to be worn with leggings, above all after 6 pm.

The 2024 trend stirrup leggings pair perfectly with low-heeled ballet flats (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

The dancerswith heels or flats, are perfect for enhancing them, especially when we talk about models with stirrups or worn to cover up to half the instep. Highlighting the ingenious styling trick is a must: the same goes with slingback and Mary Jane.

Sports leggings: the 2024 look to copy

Leggings also lend themselves to sporty and casual outfits, suitable for the young girl within us. For weekends, the gym and surrounding areas, as we said at the beginning: It Girls have no doubts, in 2024 the coolest way to combine them is with a white terry sock at sight and of Eighties sneakers.

Technical bomber jacket and baseball cap on leggings: the sporty chic 2024 look to copy. (Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images).

In leggings in the evening

Be careful not to fall into temptation. Buying decorated or iridescent leggings for the evening is not good for your wallet or style. Better to enhance the classic black pair you already own, to make it party-proof. As? The most elegant outfit with leggings for the evening it’s the one featuring the men’s maxi shirt, to be worn over an exposed bralette if necessary. Even a long semi-sheer shirt can make a statement, as can a tuxedo-cut blazer or blazer dress.

For the evening, just focus on black leather leggings and add thigh-high boots, always opting for the men’s shirt (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

At the feet, high or very high boots: In this case, you can try the arduous path of leather leggingstaking care to focus on boots in the same material in a contrasting or tone on tone color, to be enhanced with a top that is as simple and basic as possible.

Summer 2024 in cropped leggings

The return of capri pants is already here, and also brings with it the much talked about cropped leggings and knee-length leggings. Even more feared than the long classics, in truth they lend themselves to summer looks such as chic substitutes for shorts.

Leggings in summer: in 2024 we experiment with the capri model, which is back in fashion (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

To combine them with style, all you need is a striped maxi shirt, a cardigan or a bon ton top and some flat ballet flats/sandals: and the outfit with black leggings in Summer is served. To try without hesitation.