‘Outdated Peelo shopping center in Assen urgently needs renovation’

The outdated Peelo shopping center urgently needs a makeover. VVD and D66 advocate this in Assen. They did this this afternoon during the budget discussion in the municipal council. In Assen, almost all local shopping centers have been renovated in recent years, but according to the parties, Peelo stands out.

According to VVD faction leader Michiel Hasslacher, a shopping center largely determines the appearance of an entire neighborhood. “For example, look at the Marsdijk shopping center, or the one on Nobellaan. They have been renovated and provide a nicer appearance.”

According to VVD and D66, the shopping center in Peelo could also use such a makeover. “It is a well-visited shopping center and functional, but with an appearance that the former Mercurius passage in the city center had when it was still covered. It is just old.” According to Hasslacher, retailers and property owners recognize this in conversations that have been had.

According to VVD and D66, now is ‘the right time’ to take action, because a number of developments are coming together so that the entire area can be renovated. “The GP practice next door would also like to expand. And the municipality has to work on the Markehuus and the sports hall. It would be a shame if the municipality were to only work on the community center and the sports hall. The four parties can work together upgrade the entire Peelo district,” says the VVD.

The call from party leader Hasslacher to the municipal council is therefore: “Enter discussions with the parties there and try to take control, so that the entire area can be renovated. With a nice shopping center, a doctor’s practice, a sports hall, and a community center. And perhaps even some extra houses. Because who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautiful part of Assen?”

Councilor Albert Smit (Assen Central) is tackling the improvement of the shopping center together with his colleague Cor Staal (Christian Union), the district councilor of Peelo. Because according to Smit, ‘significant steps need to be taken’ to upgrade the shopping center, the Peelo sports hall and the ‘t Markehuus community centre.

“In its current state, ‘t Markehuus is not suitable for sustainability as we want. And the Peelo sports hall is also past its prime. It is interested in a number of healthcare parties,” Smit said.

All in all, these developments are sufficient reason for both councilors to enter into discussions with all those involved around the Peelo shopping center, since the retailers’ association also has wishes. “Next year we will submit a request for a preparatory loan and will then get to work on it. We will approach the Peelo story in its entirety,” Smit concluded.