Belgium has about 370 bee species. That seems like good news, but in reality the animals are having a very hard time. In the past 40 years, approximately 45 bee species have disappeared in our country.

    The FASFC therefore recommends opting for flowerbeds instead of a mowed lawn, which provides an enormous source of food for the bees. But also shrubby plants Have preference. In addition, you can help the animal by water stations with pebbles to place in the garden. This allows bees to drink without drowning themselves.

    Furthermore, the FASFC establishes that a own beehive setting up is extremely popular. The number of beekeepers continues to increase every year. Last year, for example, our country had 9,071 beekeepers, 326 more than in 2020. Of these, the vast majority, 97.5 percent, are amateurs, compared to 2.5 percent professional beekeepers.