Osimhen’s agent: “Victor mocked by a Napoli film. We are considering legal action”

On social media, Calenda calls into question a video that appeared on the official channels of the Italian club, which was then deleted: “Serious fact that adds to the treatment that the boy is undergoing”

A very harsh attack by Victor Osimhen’s agent, Roberto Calenda, creates a rift against Napoli that does not lead to anything good being predicted for the future in blue of the top scorer in the Neapolitan championship. “What happened today on Napoli’s official profile on the TikTok platform is not acceptable. A video mocking Victor was first made public and then, but now belatedly, deleted. A serious fact that causes very serious damage to the player and adds to the treatment that the boy is suffering in the last period between media trials and fake news. We reserve the right to take legal action and take any useful initiative to protect,” writes Calenda. The video in question was a parody of the center forward’s mistake from the spot in Bologna. Stuff that goes around among fans, even opponents, and teasing, filming and then deleting from the club’s website only on the platform created in China.


Victor, who clarified with Garcia and his teammates on Monday, but did not apologize for his actions on Sunday in Bologna, is annoyed by what is happening. Assuming that there was still room to sign a contract renewal – after the telenovela-negotiation that began in the Trentino Alps and continued in the Abruzzo Apennines – now everything is getting damn complicated. There is a risk of breakage. The current contract which expires in 2025 will remain in force, therefore his transfer next summer, if not in January, is becoming increasingly likely.