Incidentally, Metejoor’s love for Dutch artists started earlier. In 2018 he scored together with Sarita Lorena, who we know from last season Dear Singers, a modest hit. But since the beginning of 2021, Joris van Rossem, as the Fleming is really called, has been completely on the Dutch tour. He scores a big number 1 hit in his own country with 1 in a million. The collaboration with singer Babet also managed to reach 29th place in the Top 40 in the Netherlands.

    Further hit success in the Netherlands is not forthcoming for Metejoor, but that does not prevent him from diving into the studio with Emma Heesters and Snelle. He makes the cheerful love duet with Heesters Rendezvous and with Snelle the men’s song Look at us. Both good for a first position in the Flemish Top 30 of Ultratop.

    Last month, the list of Dutch artists was Hannah Mae. This collaboration came about in a remarkable way. The singer from Emmen already scored a hit in 2019 with Back to you which was used for a supermarket Christmas commercial. But in the meantime she was still searching and was still training as a teacher.

    Just when she has doubts about the Pabo, she receives a call from a producer duo. They want to write with her, no longer in English, but in Dutch. She hesitates, but tacks. A song is being recorded and behind her back Metejoor is approached to sing the second voice. “That moment was truly unforgettable. I knew nothing and could hardly believe how beautifully our voices color together,” says the 24-year-old artist.

    Together they decide to release the song and that does the duo no harm. The song has already been streamed more than half a million times on Spotify and has reached the number 1 position in Flanders in the Flemish Top 30. The Netherlands has yet to discover the single. For the time being What do you want from me Only on 100% NL heard on Dutch radio.

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