Ópera Villera Festival: classical music in popular neighborhoods

the neighborhoods Father Ricciardelli (ex 1.11.14, Bajo Flores), Padre Mugica neighborhood (former Villa 31, Retiro) Y Fatima neighborhood (Villa Soldati) will be the venues for the second edition of the Villera Opera Festival, in which the new operas created in an integral way by the music students will be presented. An enriching and human proposal that recognizes musical art as a vehicle for inspiration and action, overcoming prejudice and context.

The program includes lyrical shows in different spaces performed by young people, in addition to the screening of the documentary “Villa Opera” made by the producer of DelToro Films, based on the first edition of the festival. Discussions and training activities for the entire audience are added to the proposal.

The opening of the festival begins on Thursday, October 13, at 10 a.m., with the Opera “Carmen” interpreted by Juventus Lyrica and CASA students, as choristers. From there, the programming will continue with a musical activity per day until closing. The end of the meeting will take place in the Mother of the People Parishin the Father Ricciardelli Wardwith a lyrical gala of the students split all the present public.

In 2021, the Argentine Solidarity Artistic Center organized the first edition of the Villera Opera Festival, an annual event whose main objective is to stage the artistic creations of music students of the lyrical genre and give visibility to the opera that is created from the popular neighborhoods. CASA began its activities in 2011 at the initiative of a group of music teachers who wanted to use their knowledge and time to generate a positive impact on society.

Currently, it has two offices in the neighborhoods Father Ricciardelli Y Fatima neighborhood where free music classes are given to more than 120 girls, boys and adolescentsunder the direction of the composer Mailen Ubiedo Myskow. Practice instruments are also provided for students to carry out their practices. Teaching is complemented with educational outings, meetings, concerts, tours, music camps and links with professional training spaces.

In addition to the free music classes and the festival, the organization carries out the project “Week of the School-Orchestra”a week of concerts scheduled by primary and secondary school orchestras, in different parts of the country, to make visible the work that also guarantees the right to musical education in different neighborhoods.

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