OpenAI accuses The New York Times of “hacking” ChatGPT | multimedia

“The goods that come in the loop of the device in the light are the times when someone will be able to hack the products from OpenAI,” the law states that OpenAI has the right to do so. The New York Times receives “unsatisfactory” information via ChatGPT. This means that the AI ​​system has material from the crane that can be reproduced. “A flagrante schending van de gebruiksvoorwaarden”, says OpenAI.

The New York Times published OpenAI and Microsoft in December with articles on how to use chatbots and train them. As a result of the aklacht, it is legally permitted to use several articles. The army must be responsible for the damage caused by the purchaser’s responsibility for “miljarden dollars aan betlijke en werkelijke shame” in association with the “illegal copying and use of the unieke waardevolle werk van The Times”.