As summer arrives, museums and art shows move various artistic proposals in open-air spaces for the best circulation of the public, linking appreciation and curatorship with the sensory aspects of nature. The projects of National Museum of Fine Arts and Malba Ports, Together with the neighborhood murals, they are referents of this new trend that is being developed for this year and the beginning of next.

    ANDl National Museum of Fine Arts, located at Avenida del Libertador 1473, in the heart of the Recoleta neighborhood, a new exhibition space will be built. The Sculpture Walk is made up of two thousand square meters, in the open air, which you will access from the museum or the street, located between the main building and the Temporary Exhibition Pavilion.

    The new proposal contemplates the architectural expansion that will connect all the floors of the building thanks to this circulation path that will be opened to the public. And as a preview, the first work was presented, “Surge” (1970), by the artist Naomi Gersteinproduct of the first edition of the Fine Arts New Acquisitions Program of the Friends of the Museum Association.

    The works contemplated that will be added are by artists such as Maria Juana Heras Velasco, Emile Antoine Bourdelle, Enio Iommi, Julio Le Parc and others, that surround the building. On the other hand, it is added to the list of those selected from the collection to be installed “The Dance” by Pablo Curatella Manes, “Rider on Horse” by Marino Marini, “Torso” by Antonio Sibellino, “The Desire” by Líbero Badii and “Torso” by Rogelio Yrurtia.

    Along the same lines, is the “Malba Puertos” project, the expansion and new headquarters of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA)founded by businessman and collector Eduardo Costantini in 2001, which will begin construction shortly and is expected to be inaugurated in Escobar, Buenos Aires province.

    The 5,500 square meter project combines a succession of rooms and public spaces, gardens and forests and is integrated into the city’s public art circuit, rising from a large transparent roof of two thousand square meters resting on three pavilions containing room of exhibitions, children’s classroom and services of 500 square meters.

    With a fully glazed pavilion, the five sculptures from Tucuman will be exhibited gabriel chaile, presented at the last Venice Biennale and acquired by Costantini. In the artistic field, the program will be multidisciplinary and will be in charge of the museum’s curatorial committee, with exhibitions of Argentine contemporary art, federal artists, accompanied by educational and cultural activities in the open air with music, cinema, literature, dance and theater.

    Source TELAM (Marina Sepulveda)

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