Charles Groenhuijsen, presenter of the talk show Op1, thinks we should not pay attention to climate activists who smear paintings. He speaks of ‘terrorists’.

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    It disturbs Op1 presenter Charles Groenhuijsen immensely that there is so much media attention for climate activists who smear paintings. He expressed his concern yesterday afternoon that all the talk shows would be talking about it again in the evening and wondered whether that was a good development.


    Charles is fed up with those activists. “Tonight we will probably speak shame in the talk shows of those climate activists who daub a painting. But we do exactly what activists (terrorists?) hope for: lots of free publicity. Shouldn’t we just do it with a short message without a photo? Opinions?”

    Blendle boss Alexander Klöpping is surprised that Charles talks about ‘terrorists?’ and Nieuwsuur star Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal writes: “Terrorists, really.”


    Presenter Marcia Luyten has less trouble with the actions. “Should we talk about what they’re trying to tell us? Shell has one of the best quarters ever. Global warming is now at point of no return. Activists pretend to destroy something irreplaceable. Oil destroys what is irreplaceable. Pretty brilliant.”

    Humberto editor Maarten Hopman thinks Charles’ statements are ridiculous. “Curious why you are not interested in the motivations of climate activists, but you have interviewed Willem Engel and Jeroen Pols for an hour in the corona time.”

    Actions are risky

    There is an incredible amount of criticism of Charles’ choice of words. “Terrorists? For real? Perhaps you should report more and better about the climate crisis and listen to the message of a younger generation,” says D66 politician Thomas Hermans, for example.

    Charles: “I share activists’ concern for climate. But actions are risky for the most beautiful works of art. Museums are afraid of idiots who cause real damage. Poet Lucebert wrote: ‘Everything of value is defenseless.’ That applies to our earth and to our art.”


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