Here is the winner of the renewed Miss Helsinki competition!

The first winner of the Miss Helsinki New Era competition has been awarded.

Winner of the 2022 Miss Helsinki competition Ella Virto.

He was the first to receive the renewed competition winner title, which represents entrepreneurial spirit, wit and creativity instead of beauty. That’s why the format known as the Miss Helsinki competition has ended with the New Era supplement.

Virto has a bachelor’s degree in education and works as a presenter and marketing assistant. Matti Matikainen

A personal trainer took second place in the competition Lotta Soininen and thirdly, a media entrepreneur and social media influencer Veronika Wirtanen.

In the picture from right to left: Veronika Wirtanen, Ella Virto and Lotta Soininen. Matti Matikainen

The organizers of the competition are Janna-Juulia Vuorela and Mirella Merivirtawho wanted to renew the concept of the Miss Helsinki competition.

This year, ten finalists competed for the first place since the beginning of September. During the competition, the purpose of the finalists was to create a new company and thereby start a new career.

The competition measured self-development skills, planning one’s own business and building a working career instead of judging traditional beauty and pictures.

The new concept was previously photographed by Vuorela and Merivirta for Iltalehte.

– This is a business and entrepreneurship competition. That misssey was almost completely eliminated from this competition. In no way do you put beauty first, you don’t compare measurements or anything else, Vuorela explains.