Ook Europe’s parliament has never been welcomed with military support Kiev | Oorlog Oekraïne en Rusland

Unfortunately, the EU, as well as the long-term Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, will be at the top of Brussels on Thursday and receive over 50 billion euros for the Oekraïne in the coming four years. The steun maakt deel uit van a nieuwe, higher EU support. He also needs more money from the EU and has a higher pension than he has to go to Leningen, in the EU country there are wild reasons for bijvoorbeeld migration.

The European Parliament also has the right to vote and the European parliamentarians had the approval to be made in a different way. Maar de onderhandelaars van the parlement states that the onderhandelingsruimte met zo’n zwaarbevochten akkoord small is én that haast geboden is.

Doordat zij en de EU-lidstaten het dinsday aens, kan het parliament can still take over. Oekraïne, which is in acute financial need, is now at the beginning of the first betaling process.