Onlyfans stars in revealing outfits – Paige Spiranac is rumored for a new sports series

Holly Sonders is starting a new sports league.

According to Holly Sonders, she is about to start “the hottest series in the world”. PDO

Former golfer and sports journalist Holly Saunders is setting up a new one Exposed Sportz –series, which includes ten models familiar from Onlyfans or Instagram.

In the league starting in June, women compete in revealing outfits or almost naked in various sports or activities. According to Sonders, sports include chess, twister, bowling, tennis, basketball, ping pong, skipping rope and billiards.

Sonders, 36, has yet to reveal the names of the contestants, but has touted the series as “the hottest sports series in the world.”

– Imagine that your favorite Instagram girls are competing against each other. Sweaty, oiled, Sonders paints the series on the Instagram account.

“This is going to be really fun”

According to the woman, the women participating in the new series earn most of their money on the Onlyfans website or similar services.

– Some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month making content like this. They used to be investment bankers and nurses, but they realized they could make a lot more money this way, Sonders says.

With the current lineup, the series can reportedly be run for the first two months.

– All the girls I’ve asked to join are coming. And if they haven’t made it to a certain day, they’ve said they’ll come to the next session. I think this is going to be really fun.

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According to rumors, social media star Paige Spiranac, known for golf, may be one of the women participating in the new series. PDO

Quality promise

Sonders, who is the founder and CEO of the series, promises to produce high-quality material for consumers with glamor and sports photographers.

– I actually have photographers who shoot football for Fox, my golf team and ESPN. They will film it like a real sporting event, says Sonders.

He reportedly also serves as the “creative director” of the series, who is largely responsible for the visual side of the company. According to Sonders, he makes sure that the racers have fun and that they are safe.

Sonders thinks it is important that the series was founded by a woman.

– It makes a big difference that a woman owns this league instead of a man having founded it. You know how it would look to people, says Sonders.

– I want us all to be in this together, making money and great content and having fun.

One of the stars of the series is rumored to have become a popular social media star through golf Paige Spiranac. Spiranac has 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

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An old idea

According to Sonders, the idea of ​​establishing the series has matured over the past 3–4 years.

– I’ve gotten to know my dearest friends, Instagram models and social media models, really well and I thought why don’t we get together and do something really fun. So I created a sports league, says Sonders.

The league will be based in Las Vegas, but the woman would like to organize, for example, beach volleyball and surfing in Miami. In addition, the plans also include a few snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.

Sonders has joked that the series will break everyone pay-per-view-records, but so far it is not known how he plans to monetize his product.

The idea of ​​women playing sports in underwear is not exactly new. For example, in 2009, the Lingerie Football League, where women played yankee football in tiny underwear. The series was on hiatus this year, but it is scheduled to resume next year.

In addition, the side of the free match has been spinning Lingerie Fighting Championships –a series in which the 37th LFC event in history was organized in February.

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