How well do you really know Apple’s iPhone? Test your knowledge with these 13 tricky questions.

    It’s 2023 and the launch of the iPhone 15 is fast approaching. To pass the time, TECHBOOK has prepared a tricky iPhone quiz that only real Apple smartphone connoisseurs can solve.

    Test your iPhone skills with a quiz

    Apple changed the smartphone world with the iPhone, because without the first cell phone with a large screen and sole focus on touch input, we might still be writing our messages on plastic buttons and surfing the Internet using pen input. Since the introduction of the first iPhone, Apple has, believe it or not 2.2 billion iPhones sold.

    A lot has happened since the first iPhone from 2007, with the current iPhone 14 the veteran has little in common. Not only have smartphones generally become significantly larger, the range of functions is also constantly growing. 16 years ago it was still unimaginable to be able to take usable photos with an iPhone, today it has made digital cameras practically superfluous.

    How well do you know the history of the Apple smartphone? Test your knowledge with our iPhone quiz!