Only once every ten years: large asteroid skims visibly past Earth on Saturday. And you can see him

If you have binoculars or a telescope at home, these will come in handy this coming weekend. A large asteroid will brush past Earth on Saturday and you can see it.

The space rock is visible only once every ten years, NASA reports. The size can be up to ninety meters and therefore wipe out an entire city in one fell swoop. His nickname is therefore: ‘City Killer’.

However, we need not worry. Richard Moissl, head of planetary defense at the European Space Agency, emphasizes opposite Guardian that the asteroid will stay at a safe distance and will not hit the moon and earth.


We can, however, view the colossus. Astronomers of it International Asteroid Warning Network see this as a good exercise in protecting the Earth, should a dangerous asteroid ever be discovered that could hit our planet, according to NASA.

The asteroid will be closest to Earth on Saturday evening around 8:49 PM Dutch time. Unfortunately it will be cloudy in some places in our country and therefore more difficult to see. In that case, admirers can watch the live team of Virtual Telescope Project to follow.