The World Cup madness is long overdue, but many pub owners still try to make a party out of it. It is celebrated exuberantly, especially in Landsmeer. At De Driesprong they have live music during the matches of the Dutch national team. In restaurant De Zuyd they hang four special screens and De Goede Stek turns Orange. But in In Purmerend around the Koemarkt, most cafes are more Christmas than Orange. “It’s every man for himself,” says Arwin Versteyne of café Brasa. “In addition, many restaurants are closed on Mondays.”

    Teasers, in the heart of Zaandam, is also normally closed on Mondays. “We will now open on Monday afternoon especially for the match in the Netherlands,” says a bar employee. “We are now in doubt whether we are going to decorate things. We are already completely into the Christmas decorations and have not actually thought about Orange.” He hopes that enthusiasm will increase if the Netherlands does well at the World Cup.

    To deserve

    At café Sman in Wormerveer they don’t make something big out of it. “I put on a big screen and nothing else,” says owner Denny Pickkers. The Black Smith in Zaandam doesn’t even turn on the TV.

    De Juffer, also Zaandam, does have a large screen. “I hope to earn something from it,” says owner Sidney Swart, who will decorate things a little orange just before the game on Monday. He never doubted for a moment not to broadcast the World Cup matches in the Netherlands. “The KNVB and all kinds of sponsors just go to Qatar, so why should I boycott things?!” It is the opinion of many pub owners.

    Jaap Goede van De Goede Stek hopes for a good World Cup for the Netherlands. “If we reach the final on December 18, we will have 6 wonderful matches. Then I can finally earn something after corona.”