One love: Aldo Grasso’s review of the TV series on Sky

Type: sentimental
Direction: Francesco Lagi. With Stefano Accorsi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Alessandro Tedeschi, Ottavia Piccolo, Andrea Roncato, Beatrice Fiorentini, Luca Santoro. On Sky

“Un amore”: Stefano Accorsi and Micaela Ramazzotti in the Valentine's Day Sky series

Damn nostalgia. The memory of the nineties returns to embellish the original Sky production. After A summer ago (a thriller between past and present on the case of a girl who disappeared during Italia ’90), it’s now the turn of A lovea romantic-sentimental drama played on feelings, on regrets, on what could have been and wasn’t.

Alessandro (Stefano Accorsi) is a middle-aged architect, tormented by the memory of Anna (Micaela Ramazzotti), a girl he met during an Interrail, the train journeys across Europe that have characterized several generations.

Micaela Ramazzotti and Stefano Accorsi in the series “Un amore” (photo by Luisa Carcavale).

Once their summer adolescent adventure in Spain ended, the two never saw each other again, maintaining, however, a close correspondence of letters for years.. Thirty years later, in a gray Bologna, the two meet again, rediscovering an attraction that has taken new forms and collides with the present.

Just like A summer ago, this series, directed by Francesco Lagi, also articulates different temporal planes, alternating warm and cold colors: the past, with the young Ale and Anna and their fleeting relationship, characterized by iconic objects of an era, the present and, finally, a third timeline, made only of entries and mailboxes to be emptiedor that of the letters that the two have written to each other over the years.

For those who love sentimental dramas and don’t mind nostalgic dives into the past.