You are at work, in the office, in the shop or at home, you refuse to work like Friedrich Merz, you are sick again like me, you are waiting for the next football game or the next disaster, you are considering whether you should turn on the heating or not, like Andreas Dorau:

    0 of the week: Love

    Anyway, you do your thing or try to do it, depending on whether you still can. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty desperate. We are racing towards various catastrophes that are actually already about to occur: poverty, a shortage of nursing care, climate collapse, armed conflicts, terror. Meanwhile, things that could turn the rudder at least a little bit in another direction are screwed up and fought. Climate conference without results, the attempt to criminalize civil disobedience (see last generation), the continuation of HartzIV under a new name and now not even the most hollow symbolic politics goes through, as the embarrassing case of Manuel Neuer’s one-love armband showed us Has.

    I know it’s the funny pop column with the good mood, but if you’re not starting to despair, you probably never will (great) – November does the rest – and in the end everything is always pop. In order to make a political statement or something, for example, this song ran in the background several times on ZDF:

    It’s a pity that this delicacy is always forgotten these days:

    By the way, on Wednesday Deichkind released an updated version of their 2014 flag burning anthem “I have a flag” on Youtube video. In addition, they offer solidarity shirts, the proceeds of which are to go to the organization “All Out”.

    If you want to see the video today, it looks like this:

    It’s funny when you think about what’s flickering across TV screens around the world right now. Well, at least the shirts can still be bought.

    Continuing the week: Christmas

    If you are not so affected by something, you can of course still moderate “Wetten, dass..?” as if it were 2005, be interested in “the sport” at the World Cup in Qatar or buy tickets for $5,000 Buy Bruce Springsteen or Taylor Swift. Or you just go deeper, deeper and deeper into Christmas mode, there are new Christmas songs again (although I don’t celebrate Christmas my favorite genre!), ringringring!

    Macy Gray & The California Jet Club:

    Alicia Keys:

    Joss Stone:

    Norah Jones:

    Trousdale (I know this isn’t strictly a Christmas carol, but it’s the best part, sue me!):

    East, East, East Germany of the week

    Something’s going on right now. The GDR is viewed more diversely than it used to be, at least that’s my feeling. Some of it is now supposed to be made hipper (“more Western than previously thought!”) or something, I find that silly again, but here and there more differentiation is achieved than was previously the case with the gray films of the noughties and 10s knows about the East. The film “In a country that no longer exists” was just showing in the cinema, which is about the women’s magazine “Sibylle” and the fashion world of the GDR. On Netflix we all have the fictional, ultra-colorful female agent series “Kleo” with the great Jella Haase seen.

    And then suddenly this burner: “Wendekind” by Marteria, Finch and Silbermond. Yes, at least the first time you have mixed feelings about it. Silbermond suddenly in such an uncool company? Please give it a chance!

    There are also a few more days this great documentary in the 3sat media library: “Away game – Die Toten Hosen in East Berlin”. Hosen were founded 40 years ago and shortly afterwards they performed in the GDR, of course in East Berlin. There they also met Ostpunks and exchanged ideas with them – including the group Planlos – whom they met again in the course of this documentary. I cried!

    And a real surprise hit for me is the film Next Door, which you can watch on Netflix. At first I thought: Daniel Brühl, something to do with the GDR, come on, noooo. But then it was incredibly good! Brühl practically plays himself, or he has taken the most negative attributions that he regularly gets, especially from the German press. He (as Daniel Weltz) is presented in full by his East German neighbor and put through the wringer. It’s about gentrification, the Stasi and aspic. Peter Kurth, who plays this neighbor Bruno, shows that he is perhaps the best actor in Germany, it’s absolutely amazing, look at that. Especially if you’re Wessi pigs!!!

    Album of the week: Sugar – “Sugar”

    Zucker (consisting of Pola Schulten and Chris Schalko) finally have their album out, insiders have been waiting for 10 years. But who doesn’t know that, many of us are just late and sometimes the timing is just not right. This time he’s right, it’s never too late for art. And with all 13 songs you can feel the tension, this “IT MUST FINALLY GET OUT NOW”, the urgency, the buck. “Zucker” is the combative, feminist electropop record that was missing this year. My temporary favorite song is called “Makes me horny”, but in order to make a final decision, I’ll have to see it live. And I would pay 5,000 euros for a Zucker concert, that’s clear.

    Playlist of the week: THE playlist

    Did you notice? It finally happened. Someone made THE playlist to end all the playlists. Namely the Reddit user u/NoHoldingMeBack. For this, this person has asked for the perfect songs from all possible genres on all possible platforms and received answers. Here is the comprehensive result:

    and here you can find all genres broken down individually.

    Oh, there’s still a Christmas list missing… I’ll have a go. Tomorrow is also Black Friday, so you can shop happily again if you can. I lie back in bed and sniffle in my handkerchief, tschöööö.

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