Jin, the oldest member of BTS, will have to start his military service in mid-December. According to new information from the South Korean military on Thursday (November 24), the musician will first complete a five-week basic training course in Yeoncheon (Gyeonggi) and then be employed in a “front-line unit”.

    The fans are worried

    Some fans reacted shocked on Twitter: “The service commitment for BTS is canceled by sk [Südkorea] literally used as military propaganda, like turning other idols into cleaners or cooks and sending BTS to the front lines! The difference? Using my boys like some of my followers have said seems like more of a punishment,” one person posted.

    Another user wrote: “The person who decided to send Jin to the front lines must have been an opponent, I mean goddamn it. 💀😀 #jin #KimSeokjin #btsmilitary”

    Jin himself has not commented publicly on the resolutions.

    South Korea: Compulsory military service up to age 30

    In recent months there has been a lively discussion as to whether the members of BTS should be exempted from their compulsory military service. In South Korea, every healthy man has to do military service for around two years before his 30th birthday. Anyone who evades plays with the risk of receiving a prison sentence. Currently, only top athletes and musicians of classical music have the chance to be exempted.

    In addition to Jin, who celebrates his 30th birthday in December, all other BTS members will also have to do their duty in the future, at least according to the current legal situation. The musicians should still be given the opportunity to play concerts during their military service.

    However, the band announced a hiatus back in June as the artists want to focus on solo projects. On November 20th, BTS’ Jungkook performed at the World Cup Opening Ceremony in Qatar and caused quite a stir.

    Jin released his single “The Astronaut” in October. Hear it here: