One catering business after another is for sale in Boxtel: ‘We don’t understand it’

What’s wrong with the Market in Boxtel? You can ask yourself that when you see how many catering establishments are for sale. Because it is not only the well-known Brabander Steven Brunswijk who is selling his club. Of the thirteen catering establishments on the square, six are for sale. And yet, according to many residents, the village is actually buzzing. “It’s packed here every weekend,” says someone on the street. Why do all those entrepreneurs want to leave the village?

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Earlier this week, Steven Brunswijk announced that he is closing his party café Brabo’s. It is the umpteenth business for sale on the Markt, after restaurant Verde, café Le Temps Perdu, lunchroom Bij D’Ingens, Thai restaurant Kin Khao and café Marktzicht. Some things have been for sale for more than a year, but it is striking.

“I don’t understand why you would want to leave here, it’s really nice here.”

According to center coordinator Jordy van den Boer, Boxtel is not a bad place to go out. “It’s buzzing here. That’s why it’s such a big contrast that there are six locations for sale at the same time.” In the summer the square turns into a large terrace and, according to Van den Boer, many events are organized during the rest of the year. “So I don’t think it’s the Market’s fault.”

The residents have no doubts about that either. “It’s packed here on Friday and Saturday evenings,” says one woman. Her teenage son also frowns. “I don’t understand why you would want to leave here, it is very nice here,” he says. A young lady says that she used to go out a lot in Boxtel. “Many catering establishments have been here for a long time and have a good name, so this surprises me. .”

“I will continue in Den Bosch or Eindhoven.”

According to Van den Boer, every entrepreneur has a different reason for leaving. For example, one of the operators retires and another looks for a completely new challenge. For Aziz Saadi of Verde restaurant, finances are the reason he is selling his business.

“When I started ten years ago I had good years, but lately it has been a bit less for me,” says 58-year-old Aziz. “I think most residents are now moving to the city,” he says. And that is what Aziz is going to do now. “I will continue in the catering industry, but then in Den Bosch or Eindhoven.”

“The Market is a huge attraction in Boxtel.”

Steven Brunswijk admits that the catering industry is a difficult profession, but according to him there is nothing wrong with the location. “The people are super friendly and every weekend a fanatical group drinks all the Desperados here. So it is absolutely not the people’s fault.” Ingrid van Veen from Bij D’Ingens agrees. “There is nothing wrong with Boxtel. A lot is organized and the fact that it turned out this way is pure coincidence.”

Fleur Otten opened the new Roze Lotus lunchroom on the Markt six months ago. She is not deterred by her departing colleagues and hopes that potential buyers will not be the same. “I understand that sales will now be more difficult with all that media attention. But the Market is a huge attraction. In the summer it is completely full. So that’s no reason to stay away.”

The new growth gives Van den Boer hope. “In addition, Steven is keeping his party café open until a buyer comes along,” says the center coordinator. “So we try to keep downtown vibrant at all times.”

Steven Brunswijk announced earlier this week that he is quitting his party café after a year and a half

Restaurant Verde has also been for sale since this week (photo: Omroep Brabant).
Restaurant Verde has also been for sale since this week (photo: Omroep Brabant).