On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces. The influences on the zodiac signs

AND the chronicle of a long-announced arrival. Saturn, planet of subtraction that sweeps away illusions and stops only when there is nothing left to take away, March 7 enters the sign of Pisces.

The constellation of Pisces, calligram taken from Harley’s “Aratea” manuscript, from the 9th century (photo Alamy / Ipa).

A glance is enough for him to detect a certain agitation in the signs. In the face of the climate of relief that circulates between Taurus, Leo And Scorpio ready to toast his exit from the sign of Aquarius, there is a flutter of concern among Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.

It is time to reiterate that its transit in 2023 will concern the first decades of these signs. Translated: only late May Gemini, late August Virgo, and late November Sagittarius will be affected in a work of truth and deepening with oneself. That is to say?

It is no longer allowed to postpone decisions or remove glaring problems. Saturn is the planet of awareness and commitment. Indispensable presence to heal wounds that have never healed if he finds collaboration in listening.

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Its transit in Pisces has a regenerating effect for the first decan of Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio after an uphill period. For Pisces, having Saturn conjoined this year will only affect those born at the end of Februarymeans making an important choice. Deciding a change of pace in work and in the sentimental relationship. Making order between doubts and indecisions. Finally focusing on the priorities that matter.

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