T.adorns Covid, or rather the contagions return from Omicron 5 the new variantwhich without alarming, however, seems to be a slightly stronger version of the previous ones.

    Omicron 5, the vaccine is ready

    And, in fact, the rising contagion curve has reopened the discussion on the new vaccination campaign. At this point it is now certain that it will start between September and October.

    Soon the plan will be ready and, the new administrationprobably it will be the first to the over 50s. Which, however, this time will have bivalent vaccines available, i.e. designed against the virus and the Omicron variant.

    omicron vaccine

    Who will be vaccinated

    The Ministry of Health and its consultants are defining the target population that will be the subject of the campaign. In fact, limiting oneself to the elderly and the frail is considered an understatement, but involving young people, on the other hand, is not considered useful.

    And so the new dose will most likely be offered to all over 50s and even the frail who are less than 50 years old.

    Not a fourth dose, but a booster

    The new phase of the prevention campaign, which calls this vaccine not fourth or fifth dose, but booster, plans to make it vaccination against Covid an annual fixed appointment, at least for the people most at risk. Just like with the flu.

    Omicron, the vaccine will be made by the family doctor

    As there is no longer the commissioner structure to manage the campaign and the Regions have closed many vaccination hubs, certainly family doctors will be involved and the prevention departments of the Asl.

    Comes the bivalent

    But which vaccines will be used? If everything goes as it should, in the autumn, “updated”, ie bivalent, vaccines should be given the green lightagainst the original virus, Wuhan, and Omicron 1.

    In light of this forecast, Europe has stopped deliveries for July and August and has asked manufacturers to replace them with updated ones.

    Instead, you will have to wait a little longer, probably in November, for vaccines manufactured specifically for Omicron 5.