Olympic star Juraj Slafkovsky is ready to hit TPS

TPS’s Juraj Slafkovsky, 17, will be booked for the NHL next summer with a very small number.

Slovakia’s Juraj Slafkovsky amazed the puck world at the Beijing Olympics. Only the 17-year-old striker was chosen as the most valuable player in the tournament.

TPS’s winger won the tournament with a goal and score of 7 + 0 = 7.

– It was a great experience. I left for the tournament in a slightly different role in my mind. But then I managed to score goals. It was very nice there and I am very satisfied, Slafkovsky tells Iltalehti.

Have you come up with a reason for your paint job in China?

– I’m not really. We had fun there together and after the first two games everything just went well, the 193-centric striker inches.

Good to start

Juraj Slafkovsky is one of the most interesting players in the spring playoffs. ELMERI ELO / AOP

TPS will face coach HIFK in the quarterfinals. It is an interesting series of matches between two traditional clubs.

– It’s hard to play against HIFK. It’s a very skating team and there are some really good players. They received even more confirmations at the transfer border.

– There will be a tough answer. But we are ready. We played well in the last five games of the regular season. It is good to conclude the regular season in the way the Slovak thinks.

According to head coach Jussi Ahokka, TPS scored the most goals in the league during the last 20 games of the regular season.

– Now is a good time for us to start the playoffs, says Slafkovsky.

Not scared

Puck thrillers are waiting for a series of physical matches. Especially on the HIFK side. The wait may be futile as no team will win games from the ice box.

– Not scared. I am a big player and ready for physical play. In the playoffs, a physical puck is always played and emotions are involved.

– I look forward to all this and good that finally the games begin, enthusiastic Slafkovsky.

– We’re ready to go a long way.

Kosice’s youngster has played 31 games in the League this season and scored 5 + 5 = 10 power points in the games. Many would have liked to see super talent in TPS-nuch even more.

The young man does not choose.

– I had bad episodes earlier in the season. I’m satisfied. I get to play with good players and we have succeeded in scoring.

Reserved for the fabulous

Cage head Juraj Slafkovsky was shocked at the Beijing puck tournament. The Slovak won the tournament with a goal and points exchange of 7 + 0 = 7. AOP

Slafkovsky turns 18 on Wednesday, March 30th. He’s in the NHL reserve age, and the youngster will be booked in this summer’s draft with a really small number.

Canadian TV giant Sportsnet released its own pre-listing in mid-March. The Slovak was second only to the list.

– Right now, I’m trying not to think about a reservation. Now is the time for the playoffs and they have nothing to do with the draft.

– NHL teams book players from successful teams. If we get far with TPS, it will help me with the draft as well.

Puck fans in Turku expect solution goals from the Olympic hero.

– I’m not saying any goals, I’m not betting. But hopefully we will score enough goals to get on with each round, Slafkovsky thinks.